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As I continue to focus on my many arts and passions, I begin to see how they can merge as a more complete project and purpose for my path. In many regards it is all a return to my childhood loves. I believe that my love for the waters, the dolphins, whales and all that call the ocean home, is indeed calling me home again. Just as I so desire to find my boat and move aboard, I know that there is more to why I am so passionately called to such the life.

I believe my art of photography shall give me the means to be a voice for these waters, and the life therein, that I so treasure and desire to protect. As it is said, a photo is worth a thousand words. I hope to take my camera underwater and begin to do just that, create a dialog through my reflections from these powerful magnificent creatures.

I will need to make some investments for a underwater housing system for my DSLR camera, but for now I can begin with my with Go Pro, Hero 2 when I am so blessed to return to the water. Planning a trip back to Hawaii early 2017. Looking forward to upgrading my Go Pro also when I can. There is now a version that allows for no underwater dive case needed and will capture the sounds, as well as the images from below the waters. The better the tools, the better I am be able to reflect what I see and wish to share.

I have recently discovered well renowned photographer, Darren Jew, who is doing exactly what I dream. His images are completely captivating, and the way he describes his passion for the waters could be words spoke from my own heart. I have been researching him more and find that he offers photo tours in the Tonga Islands to swim and photograph the Humpback Whales. These trips fill up a year in advance with very limited spots available, and unfortunately at the moment it is beyond my budget to be enrolled for 2017, yet I shall continue to follow his beautiful inspiring work and hope to fund-raise to join him for his 2018 tour. It will take much to bring this together, yet I do so desire and aspire to meet this wonderful man, to learn from him.

It would be such an honor to help carry this message into the future through our arts, love for the ocean, and passion to protect this sacred vitally important element. Not only is it home for countless species, many yet to be discovered, but is is also a fundamental part of our earth’s ecosystem and the health of our planet. I so strongly feel people must begin paying attention to the effects of their daily actions, even on places far away, and what better a way to make people notice, but to have them fall in love. By too seeing the beauty and wonder that the waters hold, I hope to inspire others to cherish what we have and help protect this treasure for the sake of future generations also. There is still an entire world beneath the surface of the waters to be discovered and shared.

I also found Darren playing with projection of his images onto a lighthouse. You can see this on Netflix if you have an account, as he is the first featured photographer on the Netflix Original, Tales By Light. Projections is another one of the visions that I am seeking to grow more into, a means to share my reflections, to bring the light into different environments for all to see. He seems a kindred soul to me, and I look forward to the day I may find and create with him, and the whales.

He does other tours around the world also. Do feel free to explore his sites and dream, if you so desire like me.

Here is a wonderful short film, and article, on his work and relationship with Canon and their cameras.

There is also a beautiful interview worth watching on Vimeo.

This man inspires my heart and soul, and encourages me to continue to seek this dream, not just for fulling my love of being near the waters, but to give back also through the means I am so gifted, by understanding how this art can help protect the oceans, and all that call the waters home. Just as I felt so called, he is already doing and seems to love the oceans just as I do. I am so grateful to have discovered him. He has been filming the oceans this for thirty years, and to me this is exactly what I desire. I would love to be able to say the same someday.

It would truly be such an honor to meet and work side by side with such an inspired soul. Here’s to dreaming and aspiring so!

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