Ema Sara Soleil


This is Ema. She was born in Flint, Michigan. Surrounded by the Greats Lakes and often on them through the summers of her childhood, here her love of water began. She has spent just about her entire life traveling and often to destinations with beaches, especially if she has the choice. When she is not near the waters, she feels they are always calling her back.

In her very early childhood Ema traversed most of the 50 states with her Mother. At eight years old she decided she wanted to someday sail the world. She has journeyed far since her first flight alone at twelve years old to meet her childhood pen pal across the country. Ema still loves writing as she travels, so connect with her and she will send you a postcard.

Through Ema’s early marine biology studies she spent several years visiting Mexico and southern California. Here her love for the ocean continued to grow even deeper, and continues so every day of her life.

Ema has moved around far and wide working as a caretaker as she travels. She feels blessed to have had times living in the emerald city of Seattle, Washington, the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii which will always hold a place so dear in her heart, also many states across the country, to Canada and the islands of the Pacific Northwest.

Several years ago Ema went abroad to England for a musical collaboration and decided to return and live in France for awhile. It is here she began traveling for holidays around Europe, spending much time in the South of France, peaceful Portugal and the Islands of Portugal. During this time she decided that the life on the water was her true calling, with endless possibilities of discovery ahead.

So begins the adventure to live her dreams and follow the sun, sailing away the days. Following the pods of whales and dolphins around the world, with hopes to be a voice for them, bring awareness to our oceans, and conserve their precious home.

In the last couple years Ema has returned to the state of her birth and is planning to begin her sailing certifications on the Great Lakes.

Follow Ema on her journal to know more, as this dream grows into reality. Videos are just beginning. Ema is a photographer, swimmer, and a singer… to say the least, and hopes to reflect all she finds along the way through her many artistic projects. You can see more of what she is creating and past adventures at Project Soleil.

Please do get involved anyway you can, your knowledge, advice, and support is greatly appreciated, and needed. If you can donate, your contributions are like the wind carrying the boat across the waters. It will take the support of all of you to make these dreams come true, and eventually sail away!

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