My Dream to Sail

projectsoleil.netI have a vision to sail the world, and share all that I discover along the way. I am an artist: photographer, singer, mermaid and more. I wish to reflect and archive through my many arts what I find as I travel.

I hope that though my reflections others will understand all that we still have to protect, while they also become aware of how we each make a difference even on places far from everyday human reach.

After living on the Hawaiian Islands and seeing how the beaches that were not cleaned and tended, collected rubbished from all over the world, I was inspired to share this truth with others and shocked to find how many doubted the reality. Unfortunately at that time I was reflecting the beauty surrounding me and did not yet see the vital importance of showing this sad vision through my photography, as well the beauty. This devastation is happening in places many cannot even imagine and are completely unaware of how their daily actions effect the oceans and all that live therein.

I hope to make the waters my home and become an voice for those that are often not recognized. I realized that life is short and we must all enjoy it while we can, yet also give all what we may to make a better world while we are here. I feel I must utilize my arts to show the beauty that nature is, to the effects of plastic that has already begun to effect our oceans and the life therein. I have been called to the waters since I was very young. Life is often about cycles and my time to pursue this dream has come again. Life upon and in the water is truly the path for me! It is my passion and purpose to reflect such.

I believe that if I put my heart into this and make my focus to be free to sail away, to follow and film the dolphin and whale pods, and I will see all that I aspire to live. Living aboard will give me the time and ability to live my dreams, as well a chance to inspire and guide others to make their dreams come true also.

I am beginning to learn all that one needs to know to live upon the waters and navigate where the winds blow and the sun does shine. I hope to find the perfect boat as soon as possible and begin living aboard on the sweet waters of the Great Lakes and be able to sail out to the Atlantic and south come that first autumn aboard, until the planned departure to set sail around the world in 2020.

I hope you will follow me here as all comes together!